About Natural Designs Woodworking

Currently located in the Tampa Bay (Florida) area, we have been doing custom woodwork since 1982. Mainly working in the yachting community but also doing many other professional projects along the way. One of our most prestigious accounts was doing precision woodwork for Sony Corporation. We fabricated wood trim pieces for Sony's MXP-3000, a professional recording console, from 1986 to 1989. This project like most of our projects have always demanded high quality. Quality woodwork has always been our standard at Natural Designs.

We apply all our skills, knowledge and experience that we have acquired working on yachts to the work we do on land. We build kitchens, bathroom furniture, bars, wall units and anything else a home or office would need. There are many species of wood available to use and each one has its own unique qualities and characteristics. We often use a clear finish on our products which shows the natural beauty of the wood and also allows for a very simple refinish in the future. There is a wood species available for almost every color in the spectrum.

We are commissioned to build many projects and we also have our own line of finished products we make.

Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures that you receive a quality product.

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Email us at info@naturaldesignswoodworking.com