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Walnut Home Theater

We did this Home Theater project in June 2010 in Tampa. We designed and built these Walnut cabinets and decor in collaboration with The Theater Doctor who provided all electronics for the video and sound system including a 65 inch plasma TV. The columns are solid Walnut and are 7 inches in diameter, supporting a beautiful arch with decorative trim and recessed back lighting. The cabinets on the two sides provide storage (on left side) for DVDs and it mirrors the right side's appearance which houses the electronics and subwoofer. Everything is Walnut inside and out. This built-in piece, like most of our projects, has a clear finish, no stains or dyes were used. This shows the natural beauty of the wood. There are 8 solid wood raised panel doors with soft close hinges and additional storage behind the speaker grill panels.

Built-In Entertainment Center

This wall unit is custom fit and built-in to the walls and fireplace. It is made of oak and then painted white to match the existing surroundings. There are pull out shelves and drawers behind the raised panel doors for easy access storage. The big screen TV and the surround sound system makes this unit sound as good as it looks.

Sapele Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen is made with African Sapele, commonly called Ribbon Stripe Mahogany. The ten foot high ceiling gives plenty of room for a row of glass doors at the top of the upper cabinets. The kidney shaped island has curved doors and solid wood round corners. This wood has a clear finish which really shows off its natural beauty.

Walnut Wall Unit

This wall unit is made of North American Black Walnut. It has raised panel doors and solid wood round corners. It is Walnut inside and out. The trim flows around the round corners to enhance the beautiful lines and curves of this unit. This piece has a clear finish, no stains or dyes were used. Black Walnut wood is frequently used for fine furniture. It is a dark wood varying from a purplish black to a rich reddish brown.

Hotel Aquarium Cabinets

This is one of two matching aquarium cabinets in the lobby of the Wyndam Hotel near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They are oval shaped and made of Mahogany. It took a lot of engineering to get the tops to open far enough for servicing the aquariums and still keep the shape the designer desired. The beautiful wood, the unique shape and the aquarium full of fish makes this a real showpiece.

Pine Desk (Reclaimed Wood)

This desk is made of solid Pine which is actually reclaimed Dade County Pine harvested from South Florida. The wood was reclaimed from old buildings. Dade County Pine is on the endangered species list and can only be acquired from old buildings that are ready to be torn down. There are some living trees still around but they are protected. The back of this desk is made from tongue and groove flooring and the writing surface and legs come from large floor and roof beams. Dade County Pine is saturated with pine resin which gives it a unique appearance and extra longevity. Reclaimed Dade County Pine is a great way to go green.

Oak Display Cabinet

This wall unit has three sections and we can only take credit for building the center piece. Our customer had the two side pieces already, and we matched the style and wood color to create the middle section so that it would look like one large unit. It is made with White Oak and Tamo Oak and it is enhanced with glass doors, mirrored panels in the back and custom lighting. The rounded top and door give this unit the one of a kind upgrade the customer was looking for.

Mahogany Nautical Bar

This Mahogany bar has a nautical theme. We installed some brass portholes in the front, along with a brass foot rail. It also has nautical charts and faux Spanish doubloons encased in the thick clear resin bar top. The heavy rope or line around the bar top edge adds to the feel of the open seas. It also has hidden lights under the bar top for special mood lighting. Installing a custom bar is an excellent way to entertain in the comfort of your own home.

Mahogany Doors

Come on in! These two front entry doors are made of solid Mahogany with authentic brass portholes. They have a clear finish, no stains or dyes were used. This is an impressive entrance for a home.

Teak Media Room

We built this black entertainment center which was recessed into the wall of this room. After that, we covered the walls, the ceiling and the archway with Teak. We trimmed the doors and windows with teak and built some Teak tables. The wood is coated with a clear finish, no stains or dyes were used.

Piano Coffee Table

This is a ½ scale model of a nine foot concert grand piano. It is made entirely of Teak wood and it is built to last. This design is available in any wood type. We can create the right coffee table that will express your personality.

Outside Bar

This outdoor patio bar is made with an assortment of different wood types. The base cabinet is made of Cypress which has a refrigerator and various storage areas. The bar top is comprised of 34 pieces of different exotic woods all trimmed with Teak. It has a thick, clear resin coating that is extremely durable and really shows the beauty of these colorful woods.

Wood Sink

This elegant wooden sink is fully functional. It is made from a piece of Spalted Maple and the vanity table it sits on is made from Black Walnut. Spalted maple is wood with dark veins of color caused by a pattern of mineral deposits in the wood. It looks marbleized throughout the wood which makes it very decorative. This is truly functional art. These pieces have a clear finish, no stains or dyes were used.